Lost Identity | 2019

In 2014, Spikes cut off his locks (natural hair) he was growing for

7 years to pursue an internship at his dream job at the time, Disney.

Spikes worked at Disney's Animal Kingdom for 4 months in their college program, in hopes of becoming an imagineer later in his design career. After the 4 months, Spikes left Disney without any further pursuit, because he felt he wasn't truly able to express himself outwardly, and realized he didn't want to live his creative years in character, while conforming to the limited Disney look.

The sculpture, Lost Identity, 2019 is an abstract representation of Spikes losing his identity, literally and figuratively. In the sculpture, Spikes exhibits his locks wrapped in a green LED light in a 12x12in acrylic box. The green LED light represents Spikes being

in bondage mentally, while the acrylic box is a nod at the clear

exterior visibility of his mental bondage and lack of happiness.