Abstract Identity: The Story of Shrodrick Spikes | 2020

For brand awareness and a human connection with his audience, Spikes decided to create a year long experience that will embody 

his future exhibitions, personal life, success, and struggles, as an

up-and-coming artist and designer.  


Over the years, Spikes has explored and evolved his style,

making light and space the current central theme in his work.

During his exploration, Spikes also discovered (maybe actualized)

his brand's philosophy.


As a direct reflection of his internal world, his philosophy

"Abstract Identity", represents his unbelonging presence in the art world parallel to his continual journey of personal identity and self discovery, allowing his artwork to be a physical and psychological manifestation of this evolution.


Spikes wants to be displayed in the forefront, giving himself

an identity, versus living in the shadows and allowing his work

to speak for him.


Poster Design: Shrodrick Spikes