Thirty is the first project for the Contemporary Creative House,

Shrodrick Spikes. Shrodrick Spikes is a Contemporary Creative House changing the way we experience art, design, fashion, and wellness. I'm transitioning from art shows to art experiences.


Due to COVID-19, I couldn't have an art experience at any venue,

so I had to pivot and rethink my approach. In addition, this film

is also a nod to the "dirty thirty" concept.

Thirty is an American afro-futuristic erotic short film written, directed, and produced by American artist and designer

Shrodrick Spikes. The film was co-produced by Spelman

College Alumna, Diamond Sands. The film premieres on

August 22, 2020.

Set in current day 2020, the film focuses on

a designer being stuck in her contemporary home alone

on her 30th birthday, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As her day progresses, things start to take a mysterious

turn when she falls asleep.


Thirty official movie poster.



Thirty was filmed at the beautiful white Haus Gables asymmetrical home. It's located in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward. The home was designed by award winning architect, Jennifer Bonner.

Haus Gables is one of a handful of residences in the country made

of cross-laminated timber (CLT), an exceptionally strong wood material produced by gluing together layers of lumber that alternate in direction. A long-standing research project on roof typologies found in the American South informed this proof-of-concept.


Haus Gables is a cluster of six gable roofs, combined to form a single roof. In an attempt to rework spatial paradigms of the past, such as Le Corbusier’s free plan and Aldof Loos’s raum plan, MALL offers the roof plan as a way to organize architecture.


The roof plan establishes rooms, catwalks, and double height spaces in the interior by aligning these spaces to ridges and valleys in the roof above. In this case, the floor plan is a result of the roof.

A photo of Haus Gables.



Deshanique Blanco as Day Blanco, model, fashion designer and star of the film.



Shrodrick Spikes Bamboo Cotton Underwear is an additional element to the Thirty film experience. These underwear are

limited edition. The underwear will come in 2 styles, thong panty

and cheeky. They will be available in sizes S-XL.


Shrodrick Spikes Bamboo Cotton Underwear Ad.

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